Friday, October 06, 2017

Self-driving Oracle coming, so where will be the driver (DBA)?

Did you attend Oracle OpenWorld this year and listen to the keynote speech from Larry? If no, did you watch the following recorded keynote video?

Yes. It was all about Oracle Autonomous Database, the World's #1 Self-Driving Database. Certainly, Larry didn't forget to poke Amazon (AWS).

Not long ago, Oracle has changed its release schedule/name, so Oracle becomes Oracle 18c.

Now it becomes clear, Oracle 18c is actually the foundation of  Oracle Autonomous Database service. As Oracle describes, "Powered by Oracle Database 18c, the next generation of the industry-leading database, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud offers total automation based on machine learning and eliminates human labor, human error, and manual tuning."

Regarding the role change of Oracle DBA, there has never been one straight answer. With the recent announcement of self-driving database from Larry, the debate has been getting intense. So where will be driver? In other words, the Oracle DBA will totally disappear?

Less time on boring shit. More time on important shit!
This is firmly targeted at removing the need for operational DBAs. A role that *you* should have already automated out of your organisation anyway. If you’ve not, then you have failed.
It should be obvious that the Development DBAs are sitting pretty here. The thinkers are safe. The recipe followers are not. Your mantra from now on should be…
Keep learning. Keep improving yourself. Keep your job!
As I expected, very few people seem to have actually listened to what was said in the keynote and I suspect many didn’t even read the entirety of my blog post. Instead, they saw “Autonomous Database” and launched into “it’ll never work” mode. It’s like people want it to fail and want to keep doing the same old boring crap for the rest of their lives. I am hopeful this suite of services will be the start of something interesting, but time will tell. Fingers crossed!"
Larry did provide his ideas on the "Database Professionals:  Evolution of Skill Set" in his keynote speech.

Another blog echoed the same reaction about the "Death of the Oracle DBA". 
The DBA role has changed. Indeed, if your Oracle DBAs are still spending significant time on things such as space and tablespace management then it’s time to look at how your Oracle DBA support is delivered! But for all the activities that have diminished or evaporated over the past 20 years new tasks and challenges have appeared. 
What do you think?

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