Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Numbers about OOW 2014

I have been wondering how big the Oracle OpenWorld will be.

According to Oracle OpenWorld 2014 official site, there will be
  • more than 60,000 business and technology professionals from around the world
  • more than 2,500 business and technology sessions, covering cloud applications, such as marketing, social, service, sales, and HCM as well as big data, database, middleware, and engineered systems
To better support and understand the above numbers, here is another Oracle official fact sheet about Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

There is also a 2011 article from NYTimes described how Oracle OpenWorld brought the impact on the city of San Francisco even 3 years ago.

" Commuters driving into this city on Monday morning will discover major downtown thoroughfares closed. More than 129,000 square feet of tents will have sprouted around the city’s convention center, where 4.25 miles of power cables, 300 miles of phone and Internet wires and enough beer trucks to sate 45,000 people are in place."

"The production, which runs through Thursday, requires a quarter-million cups of coffee and 14,700 hotel rooms, filling the city’s supply and spilling down the San Francisco peninsula past Redwood Shores, Oracle’s headquarters. "

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