Monday, September 22, 2014

What will Larry talk about in his keynote speech at OOW 2014?

Still as Oracle CEO, in his keynote speech at Oracle OpenWorld 2013, Larry Ellison, announced "Oracle Database 12c In-Memory Database and M6 Big Memory Machine".  In the Content Catalog for OOW 2014, there will be lots of sessions talking about in-memory option like the one (Top Five Things to Know About Oracle Database In-Memory) by Maria Colgan.

To go back one more year, at OOW 2012, after telling the crowd about Oracle Cloud 2012, Larry announced Oracle Database 12c and next generation Exadata Database Machine.

On September 18, Larry stepped aside  as Oracle CEO. As a Chairman and CTO, what important announcement will he deliver to the world in this year's OOW keynote speech?

From Forbes'article "Larry Ellison Is Still Here And 7 More Things About Oracle" written by Michael Hickins, a director of strategic communications at Oracle, we can get the taste of Larry's coming speech.

"... the company will roll out its new Database Cloud Servicea new multi-tenant database-as-a-service offering that will let customers migrate their existing apps and databases to the cloud “with the push of a button,” said Ellison. Data will be compressed ten to one and encrypted for secure and efficient transfer to the cloud, with no reprogramming. “Every single Oracle feature — even our latest high-speed in-memory processing — is included in the Oracle Cloud Database Service,” Ellison said. “Hundreds of thousands of customers and ISVs have been waiting for exactly this. Database is our largest software business and database will be our largest cloud service business.” "

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