Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oracle Database Cloud Service vs. Aliyun RDS

Since I have known (learned)  what Larry is going to talk about, I started to search the information about Oracle Database Cloud Service (ODCS).

From Oracle website about ODCS, "Oracle Cloud provides several Oracle Database offerings giving you the option of a single schema based service, or a virtual machine with a fully configured, running Oracle Database instance". The last option (below) is the "future direction", which Oracle will sell the most.

Database as a Service - Managed
  • Essential management by Oracle
  • Complete access to dedicated Oracle Database instance
  • Full SQL*Net access
  • Oracle managed backup with point-in-time recovery
  • Oracle managed patching and upgrades

Recently a company named Alibaba is very hot so his founder Jack Ma.  By comparing Oracle's ODCS with Aliyun  (Alibaba's company) RDS (Relational Database Service), they are pretty much same in term of their offerings. The main difference right now is that Aliyun RDS only supports MySQL and MS SQLServer.

With those money getting from largest IPO in the history, Jack Ma can make the RDS business bigger and bigger in China and then compete with Oracle and Amazon directly outside China.

Larry, do you know Jack?

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